Marice Sariola´s Art Studio
Traditional Religious
Our Lady, Christ, Angels and Saints
Marice Sariola´s high quality hand painted icons on solid wood
with egg tempera paint and gold leaf
Traditional Byzantine and New Icons created, commissioned and distributed online
Shipping and delivery worldwide in ten days
Free shipping for small items, to larger ones quotes apply

Celebrating Our Lady of Iviron
October 13th
St Edward the Confessor
October 13th
St Damien Molokai
October 11th

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Direct from Studio
Archangel Michael
12.5x16 cm AUD 285
St Cecilia 1
15.5x19.5 cm AUD 370
St Cecilia 2
16.5x26.5 cm AUD 480
Archangel Gabriel
12.5x16 cm AUD 285

St Gertrude of Nivelles
Patron of Cats
15x20 cm AUD 370
The Pentocost
32x44 cm AUD 1350
St Nicholas
16.5x25.5 cm AUD 580
Archangel Michael
8x9 cm AUD 130
St Francis 
15x21 cm AUD 370
Our Lady of Tenderness 1
10x12 cm AUD 230
Gauardian Angel 7
8x9 cm AUD 130
Gauardian Angel 8
8x9 cm AUD 130
Gauardian Angel 3
8x9 cm AUD 130

St Nektarios 
12x18 cm AUD 280
St Mary Magdalene
17.5x25cm AUD 480
St Vincent of Saragossa 
Patron St of Vignerons
15.5x19.5cm AUD 370

Our Lady of Korsun with Frame
35x41 cm AUD 950
Our Lady of Kukotthusa in Italian Frame
83x98 cm AUD 3500
Our Lady of Tenderness with Frame
35x41cm AUD 950
 Travel icon of St Mary MacKillop
Height 16cm AUD 370 (Rosewood)
Travel Icon Our Lady of Kukotthusa (Rosewood)
height 21cm AUD 450
Travel Icon of Our lady of Tenderness
height 6 cm AUD 220 ( Casuarina )
Guardian Angel Travel Icon
height 6 cm AUD 220 ( Casuarina )
Travel Icon of Our Lady of Dnjepr
height 6m AUD 220 ( Rosewood)

Our Lady of Konevitsa
55x66 cm AUD 1750
Our Lady of Czestochowa (The Polish Black Madonna)
45x50 cm AUD 1100
Our Lady of Vladimir in Frame
41x46cm AUD 1070

Our Lady of Jaroslav
20x24 cm AUD 450
Triptych of Our Lady of Vladimir with Angels
38x31cm AUD 1300
Christ with Golden Hair 2
16x17 cm AUD 320
Icon egg of Our Lady of Korsun
height 13 cm AUD 320
Icon Egg of the Holy Family
height 13 cm AUD 320
Icon Egg of Our Lady of Vladimir
height 11cm AUD 220

Christ with Golden Hair
18x19 cm AUD 360
St George 3
26x38 cm AUD 900
Pope John Paul II
12 x 15 cm AUD 265

The Rucellai Madonna
26 x 36 cm AUD 1120
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in wooden frame
60x70 cm AUD 1450
 St Mary MacKillop
20x36 cm AUD 730

St George
Triptych height 24 cm AUD 480
Our Lady of Graces
18x39.5 cm AUD 710
St Patrick Apostle of Ireland
18x46 cm AUD 860