This is, what we can do

This painting was badly flaking and risked even further losses to the original paint.
The right side has obviously been a subject to a heavy handed cleaning, which
resulted in a huge loss of details including faces of Saints making them
almost unrecognizable. Many such damages however can be undone
by pious work using proven traditional Icon making techniques.

Technique of Icon Making

Timber boards are joined to panelCloth is joined to panel with rabbit skin glueSeveral layers of gesso, mixture of rabbit skin glue and limestone powder are appliedSurface is sanded and finally smoothed by palm of hand and waterGold leaves are pressed gently to gold sizeGuilded areas are smoothened thereafter with small silk bag and excess gold brushed away7. Now base colours for skin areas are appliedFace colours are built up gradually layer by layerFaces are now finished'Shadings are added to clothes   Here is Icon of St Jerome Emiliani finished